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Andy & Briar Excursions

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23 views11/28/07 at 16:00mom: You should have taken one home for Harriet rememb...
50 views11/07/07 at 10:00briar22: You look enormous!!
65 views11/05/07 at 16:35mom: prettiest - all the rest of crash are sad
73 views11/01/07 at 15:40Brian: Are you supposed to be dressed as Mike Dirnt?
47 viewsDon't get caught speeding in the park. The forest rangers will patronize you: "Slow down- it's icing up." The road was dry.09/27/07 at 12:20mom:
34 views09/27/07 at 12:13mom: how did you ever know where you were
37 viewsJust before the climb became vertical, we realized that continuing would be a death wish, as the granite rock face was extremely slippery due to the relentless precipitation. We made it to the eighth board before turning around and SLIDING back down, holding onto the cables for dear life.09/27/07 at 12:08mom: no wonder I had such premonitions and worrying
43 viewsAnd then, out of nowhere, this huge ugly monster jumped out and attacked Andy. However, he put up a good fight and conquered the beast.09/27/07 at 12:04mom: for a funny calendar
36 views09/27/07 at 12:02mom: why is everybody and everything leaning left?
34 viewsThe higher we got, the clouds started to appear at eye-level.09/27/07 at 12:01mom: you should make a calendar this photo would be so ...
50 viewsWhile the gentlemen in back demonstrated "The Pizza Hut", Briar struggled with her limbs.09/20/07 at 06:56Caroline: Go Team!
48 viewsThere was a song called "Kentucky Fried Chicken & the Pizza Hut" that brought the house down. It was too wild for words.09/20/07 at 06:55Caroline: bring it back to PA !
47 viewsFinally, as the evening wore on, I had my chance to dance.09/20/07 at 06:55Caroline: Laughing!!!! Alot!
45 viewsMmmmmm.... burger, tomatoes, shredded carrots, potatoes, assorted hot sauce and condiments. It tastes AWESOME, and Briar knows how to make it better than anyone. :-)09/18/07 at 16:20mom: hot sauce!!!!!!!!!!!!! Briar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You?
43 viewsA burnt out tree, still alive. This wasn't the 1st fire in this area, and it won't be the last.09/18/07 at 16:15mom: no just think of fires even fifty years ago. ther...
29 viewsYou can see one of the planes dropping the red foam, right in the middle of the picture.09/18/07 at 16:07mom: I just realized you could clik on px and it took u...
4836 viewsOne of the 1st sections of somewhat rocky downhill.09/05/07 at 16:11mom: my favorite
106 viewsView from balcony door of front door, and quaint decorations on shelf above door.08/14/07 at 17:36Brian: Hahaha you said QUAINT, just like your dad! zOMGWT...
207 viewsI know this image looks photochopped, but it isn't....08/13/07 at 15:17Brian: It's a photoshop. I can tell from the pixels ...
243 viewsAs I said, the bubble bath got a little out of hand.08/13/07 at 15:13Brian: This is my new dekstop background.
82 viewsThe worst injury of the day! Black diamond trails without full face helmet = bloodied face! Scott kept all his teeth, though. 08/12/07 at 22:37me:
88 views08/09/07 at 06:31Brian: US Airways Envoy class, All thanks to ME!
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