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Andy & Briar Excursions

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68 viewsOn the job site! We split into 2 teams for the 2 houses. Team #1 surveys the existing structure, to which we were attaching a 2nd structure, 22x11 feet. The outhouse is on the far left. N32.480569 W116.778998
67 viewsSavannah, Ed, Briar, Jim, Mark, mark time as we survey the scene.
63 viewsIsmael (the homeowner) shows us where he wants the interior door to open into the new structure.
69 viewsLater in the morning I finally had a moment to snap some pictures! We have the mold set for the concrete, the trench dug around the perimeter of the mold, and are starting to pour the 1st of what seemed like 1000 batches of concrete. We continuously tripped over each other in the confined space, but by lunchtime we were over 1/2 done with the pour!
65 viewsMeanwhile, the framing was coming along as well! The wood came in long planks, and everything needed to be measured and cut- door frames, window frames, joists, rafters, etc.
61 viewsEVERYBODY pitched in to help carry water buckets, shoveling measured scoops of concrete, sand, adding water... I wonder if the local families had ever seen anything like us!
60 viewsMore concrete mixing...
59 viewsAs our resident concrete professional Steve evened out the pour, we mixed more as fast as we could! Josh, Kyle & Steve prepare to dump another batch!
55 viewsKyle surveys the concrete while Maria and little Evelin watch from next door.
55 viewsSandra, Alexa & Shannon fill another wheelbarrow load of sand for the concrete mix under the watchful eye of Ed, who provided the brute force to get it up the hill and near to the mixers.
55 viewsGlen & Angel watch Gordon 'measure twice, cut once', while Casey and Briar nail some more frames.
53 viewsCasey & Briar work on their hammerin' blisters.
57 viewsAshley & Christian take a much needed agua break.
59 viewsSteve mixes the poured concrete before leveling some more.
58 viewsSteve must have leveled and smoothed the pour 500 times that day, and even stayed after the rest of us left to make sure it was finished nicely!
51 viewsThe neighbors house to the North.
58 viewsMark & Kyle take a water break- we sure were glad the temperatures were lower than normal!
54 viewsIsmael surveys the yard.
60 viewsWhen we took a lunch break, I snapped this photo of the local electrical grid. The wire ran along the ground from the nearest electric pole, then into this circuit breaker. From here, it traveled into the neighbors house, then along the eaves to an outlet. Ismaels electricity was delivered by a 2-prong plug through a wire that also ran along the ground, and into his front door. When they ran out of standard wire, they used actual barbed wire strung from makeshift posts planted in the ground.
51 viewsThe view up the hill from the West side of the house.
50 viewsIt was quiet for a change during our much needed lunch break!
53 viewsThe convenience. Outdoor, a simple hole cut in a plank of wood. No pipes, plumbing, or septic systems.
53 viewsBack at work later in the afternoon, Steve promised Kyle, Aubre & Savannah "just 1 more batch" about 6 times, just to "keep them motivated." :-)
52 viewsSavannah protests, having been told "this will be the last batch." All in good fun!
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