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7 viewsThis is a handy guide for CV joint boot replacement on almost any car, but specifically the VW Corrado. There are minor differences in some of the old Rabbits (a small clip needs pinched in order to remove the joint) but this guide will work for almost all VW's. These are the tools you'll need. You'll also need a rubber mallet and some gloves. The CV joint grease is nasty stuff, and stays in your pores for weeks!
9 viewsPry off the old clamps and remove.
11 viewsEasiest way to get the old boot off is by cutting with a razor.
12 viewsRemove old boot, and wipe off as much goop as possible. You can start cleaning with carb or brake cleaner, but it still be messy when you whack the joint with the mallet.
16 viewsSmack the joint pretty hard- there is a small clip that the joint needs to compress as it slides off the driveshaft. Be careful not to let the joint turn at too awkward an angle- you run the risk of having one of the bearings pop out.
15 viewsWhen the joint slides off, there are 2 washers left on the drive shaft. Notice the bevel, and the order of install. Thick one on the outside of the shaft, and the concave bevel facing each other.
14 viewsThis is a great anger venting exercise. I did all 4 boots on the Corrado in one evening, and I really released a lot of pent up frustration. Democrats in control of congress?!? Take THAT!!!!
13 viewsClean the old grease out of the joint, taking care to keep the bearings free from any grit. In the past I've removed the bearings to clean, but generally, unless the boot was torn when you removed the drive shaft from the car, there is no need to get the joint squeaky clean. Even if the boot was torn, if you can get all foreign material out of the bearings, you shouldn't HAVE to disassemble the joint. This picture shows all the new parts ready to reinstall.
12 viewsThis is the rough order of install: The small (inner) clip, boot, skinny washer, fat washer, new circlip (I've gotten by without replacing this circlip), joint, large (outer) clamp. (If you forget to install the inner clamp, you can spread it open wide enough to get it over the shaft without removing everything to start over.)
12 viewsAfter getting the boot, washers and circlip installed, and the joint cleaned of old grease, it's time to pack the new grease in the joint.
23 viewsOnce I've pressed grease all through the bearings, I splurt the rest of the grease on top of the joint, not unlike an ice cream cone. MMM- lead flavored cv joint grease cone, anyone?
13 viewsThe joint slides on, and you need to use a little force to get it over the circlip and seated on the driveshaft. Pop the lip of the new boot over the lip of the joint.
15 viewsClick the new clamp as tight as you can with your hands.
11 viewsDo the inner clamp as tight as you can with your hands.
12 viewsOnce you get both clamps as tight as you can with your hands, get out your VW tool part number xyzpdq12345. Oh- you don't have that tool? HAHA! Amateur. Use side cutters instead.
12 viewsI carefully squeeze each side of the new clamp until it looks like the original clamps did before you started tearing apart the drive shaft.
9 viewsSame with the inner joint clamp.
10 viewsChecking to make sure the clamp is tight enough. It shouldn't spin!
11 viewsVoila! Reinstall, and have a beer.
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