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28 viewsAll of us at summit. Camera facing South, Ice storm rolling in from West! We didn't realize how this would affect our decent until an hour later.
46 viewsDoug at summit- camera facing North. The small hut is for emergency lightning protection. Hikers die every year from lightning strikes. On the West side of the hut, a geo-cache and logbook for hikers. The entries and notes were interesting. They would make a good book!
22 viewsQuiet contemplation at summit. Call it cliché if you want, but it was spiritual.
32 viewsDoug & Heather at Trail Crest. Camera facing West.
21 viewsOne of our many pauses on the switchbacks. Consultation lake in background. It is aptly named- by this point, you are assuredly doing some consulting with God.
26 viewsBaby steps, trying not to collapse. One step to the right, I would have fallen 15 feet, then bounced a few hundred. That skinny line at the bottom of the cliff is the trail. (!!!) After what seemed like hours of back and forth, I admit I was demoralized. The summit seemed too distant. We pressed on.
22 viewsLooking up at evil, evil switchbacks. You feel like you're in the twilight zone- they never seem to end. At this point, you must put the thought out of your mind that you are going to have to descend this miserable stretch in a few short hours.
43 viewsDoug and Heather- beginning evil, evil switchbacks. Ice/glaciers in background are much larger than they appear. Without trees as reference, size and distance became very deceiving from this point to the summit.
29 viewsA bite to eat at Outpost Camp. The marmots (high altitude groundhogs) and chipmunks were very busy! This is the last campsite before the summit. No fires allowed here, so I don't know how you keep warm at night! You have no way to tell the relative size of the boulders behind us; they appear small. They were HUGE!
47 viewsAmbient temps warming up, ready to move!
46 views1st break. 10,100 ft 5:26AM. Morale high, average moving speed over 3mph. Sweat from exertion, temps in the high 50's.
35 views4:00AM, Whitney Portal. Doug Bair, Brian Bastinelli, Heather Hiester, Chris Perry, Andy Stahl
23 viewsBreakfast at the Whitney Portal Camp store early the next morning. Biggest pancakes I've ever seen!
27 viewsBrian and Chris at summit.
29 viewsHeather dangles her feet. After what we had just traversed, hanging from the edge seemed like childs play.
18 viewsExposure like I've never experienced.
29 viewsDid I mention it was rocky? Heather picks her way along. My mantra the last few miles: Slow & Steady.
28 viewsAndy just left of center, Chris behind. Very rocky. Camera facing south. We hopscotched each other the last 2 miles. I thought I would be last to summit, but I ended up passing everybody but Doug.
29 viewsThe marmots were friendly, too! You shouldn't feed them, but they inevitably find bits of trail mix dropped by hikers, and this makes them very tame.
45 viewsZombie Andy attacks Brian with his bare hands. He never saw it comin'...
32 views...and about 72 degrees warmer!
36 viewsDriving back to Las Vegas through Death Valley, about 14,700 feet lower in altitude (!!) than 24 hours previous...
34 viewsFacing West towards the Whitney Portal canyon.
41 viewsLeaving Whitney Portal, still over 7000 ft altitude.
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