Snow sports @ Brian Head, UT. - 24 January, 2009 (main)

24 January - Photo Album

This is a shaky video of me following Briar from the top of the Giant Steps lift, down Sunburst, then a right through the trees of Pillows and across Ed's Shortcut and Aught over to the bottom of the Roulette lift. I stop to clean the lens at the top of the Black Foot lift. Sorry it's so fuzzy- from now on I'll clean the lens more often when I board in the falling snow.

Andy rides down through the trees in Pillows (the "bowl").

Briar had just passed me and I couldn't get the camera ready fast enough, so I took video (in the snow) of Ninja to Desbah and back down to the bottom of the Giant Steps lift. We took the GPS with us one time and were amazed to hit speeds up to 35mph.